Puriales Geography

Puriales de Caujeri is located 29 km from the municipal capital San Antonio del Sur in the province of Guantanamo and can only be accessed by land, by the central road that connects the council with the capital of the municipality and by the road "Via Mulata" that connects it with the municipalities Yateras, Baracoa and Manuel Tames.

To the North it limits with the municipality Yateras, to the South with the Popular Council of Guaibanó, to the East with the Popular Council of Maya and to the West with the municipality Manuel Tames.

Puriales has a population of 5260 inhabitants and a territorial extension of 44.5 Km2.

The fauna of the territory is very varied, birds abound, the animals of corral and especially, a great diversity of wild and endemic animals like the Dove of mount, the Guacaica, the Codornís, the Pechita, the Pericos, the Carpenters and others.

The most important river in the area is the Sabalamar which is fed by several influxes from the Sierra de Purial.


In this eminently mountainous area a tropical and humid climate prevails, with very abundant rains during most of the year due to the influence of the North Atlantic anticyclone and the heat waves of the northeast, loaded with humidity. However, the altitude and distance from the sea make temperatures in this area low, ranging between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius.